Friday, January 22, 2010

Last Day in paradise

The airport in San Pedro was very small and we took an island hopper (fourteen passenger plane) between the island and the mainland. This is Matt Moore in the co-pilot seat. Scary huh?!?

The girls were scared!

The view outside our hotel!

Wet Willy's Catina and Grill by Day and Club by night !

Our snorkeling experience from yesterday! We had a great time on our tour!

Stacy is stoked about her water in a bag!

SO... we discovered internet technicians and have fixed our internet fiasco!

Last night we went to Jaguars, which is a bar off of the main street. There was Karaoke there and everyone got a chance to show off their natural talent.

Today we had a free day to do whatever we wanted! We got up to have a delicious breakfast provided by the hotel, than spent some of the day out by the pool getting a tan... but a few got sunburnt instead!! Some of us rented a golf cart and explored the island, and everyone spent some of the day in the shops picking up souvenirs. The souvenirs here have by far been the best throughout our trip! Lastly a few went out and rented jet skis to play out in the water. All in all today was a great day.

PS We're sorry about not giving you more details about the surprise, we have communication issues and cannot release such detailed information!! Thank you for your patience!!


  1. the ocean looks beautiful and so does the "bathing beauty" with the water bag:) the water is so blue and so is the sky. enjoy..when you come back to nebraska it's like living in a "black and white movie" ha. no blue skies here...just gray. i miss you stacy i am so glad you had a chance to go on this trip. it will be nice to see your face! love you mom/judy

  2. okay so now u should get on facebook lol =) jk i Stace left u a message on your phone which bascially said call me as soon as you get service and if i was in a louder place i would be even more excited to tell you something...well i told u on the phone what i would be excited about haha...i hope that made sense anywayssssss we are going out when your back to celebrate you being back lol and what not.. miss you!!!!!!!
    MeL <3

  3. ps what the heck is water in a bag??/ like water that u drink from thats in a bag?