Monday, January 18, 2010

First Day in Belize!

Hola! Well, actually we can say hello again! English is Belize's official language, a few of us are still using Spanish though. Today we went and visited Tikal National Park where we got to see more Mayan temples. More temples have been uncovered here compared to Yaxha. We were able to climb various temples and see what used to be palaces. We even climbed a 70 meter tall temple. After walking around these beautiful temples we were served a very good lunch. After lunch we left and drove to the Guatemala and Belize boarder. Tonight we are staying at Pook's Hill resort. We literally have our own individual huts that we stay in with only our roommates. Pook's Hill is also in the middle of the rainforest in Belize. Tonight everyone is sitting around playing guitar, talking, and enjoying each other's company. Tomorrow we are doing cave tubing! Also, if you click on the pictures below you can see a larger version.

A temple at Tikal

Melvin (our tour guide) with Meghan pretending to be his Queen in the palace

Austin on top of a temple

Matt and Stacy

P.S hi mom!!!! I miss you!


  1. i like the picture of you and both look happy and having a good time. stace you look beautiful. i miss you both. no electricity's the hair going to look in the morning, good thing you look cute in hats :) liked the video good producting matt!
    love you stace mom/judy

  2. Good job on the video. The temples look interesting but a lot of work to climb. Good thing you are all young. Keep having fun and keep blogging.

  3. stacy you like my followers picture? she misses you too :) doose misses matt too ha mom/judy

  4. But the important thing, Adam, is; did you get me a present? Dad

  5. Love the blog! Looks you are all having a great time. Wish we were there! Love you Meg! mom

  6. Meghan, you finally get to be QUEEN!

  7. Meghan doesn't it feel great to be Queen? I figure it is about time I let you try it out after my 24 year reign. Loves!