Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A day at the zoo

Today we were able to sleep in a little bit longer than usual. We had a great breakfast at Pook's Hill and then were on our way to the Belize zoo. It was pretty awesome, we saw all different kinds of jungle cats, birds, tapirs, etc. We saw a jaguar and he actually did tricks on command! After the zoo we headed to the airport and boarded an island hopper which was a small plane that sat exactly the fourteen of us plus the pilot. Chris was lucky enough to sit co-pilot, we were all a little scared at the site of him sitting next to the controls ;) When we landed all we had to do was walk across the street to our hotel--very convenient! Our hotel is right on the beach equipped with a 24/7 pool. Tomorrow we are headed to shark/ray alley to snorkel and swim with sharks and sting rays--don't worry it's completely safe! After that we will probably spend out afternoon with a different kind of ray (on the beach!)

Oh and something VERY special happened at the hotel this afternoon but you'll have to check back tomorrow to find out :)

A very friendly tapir.

The bird is the word...

Our plane.

Everyone drives golf carts around here.


  1. Yay! I'm hoping it's what I think it is. =)

  2. Thanks for sharing your great pictures and experiences!! I'm living vicariously through you while I sit here in icy, snowy Iowa. Enjoy your travels and make lots of good memories!
    --Christa Marchant (Stacy's cold Iowa cousin!)

  3. Hi Colt, hurry up and get back I need your help on the computer. Unlike you, I'm studying everyday with my 18.5 credits. Hope you're enjoying your vacation, we're in for another winter storm tomorrow. Miss you, mom

  4. im waiting to know this good news so i can post something on facebook lol =) =) haha

  5. Meghan was the surprise Matt Hardy??? Tell him to get his butt back to NE STAT!!!

  6. What a shock to your systems to come back to this cold weather. Enjoy your last few days of sun and warmth. Stacy I can't wait to see all your pictures and hear your stories - see you soon love, aunt susan

  7. Stacy, missed your call.. but got your message :)